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New Digital Ad Minor

New Digital Ad Minor

The business of advertising is being transformed. Consumers are choosing new communication technologies to network with others and to view their news, information, and entertainment the way the want and when they want it. While digital advertising now represents just 12% of total ad spending in the United States, the projections are that spending will double in the next five years.

But, digital skills are not just needed in advertising. College graduates, who have digital skills, are in demand by businesses, government and non-government organizations of all types. The need for grad’s to have tech skills is being accelerated by the need for businesses to increase efficiency and reduce overhead as a result of the current economy. Facebook is hiring!

The new Digital Advertising Minor from the Ad+PR program at WKU is approved for a Fall 2010 launch. But, you can enroll now. The dynamic curriculum combines new media literacy along with the fundamentals of journalistic storytelling plus the hands-on training you need to put it all together. The 24-hour minor is open to all WKU majors. It requires 18-hours of core classes and another 6-hours in one of 3 concentations. You can choose Branding, Interactive Design or Print Design as a specialty. See our FAQ’s or look over our Ad Minor program flowchart for all the details. But, here’s an overview of the 3 concentrations.

Advertising has been used for years to help shape consumer perceptions of products. Much of that work has included the process of “branding”, which means translating the intangible and tangible aspects of a product to a logo/image/personality/ads. It’s a combination of raw creativity and a savvy business strategy. Personal branding is a great example of the concept of developing a persona to generate interest for fun or profit.

The world of interactive design is at the epicenter of an explosion in new technologies and the content and applications to run them. While most of the current work in our interactive major is focused on digital production and web distribution, the shift to small programs or applications to run on Facebook, iPhone or iPads is the future. Apple sold 300,000 iPads in the first day of sales. These new devices present a tremendous opportunity to develop content and monitize that content.

While the much of the print world is migrating to digital distribution, print in most forms is doing very well. It appears that the Internet is actually adding to print experience. Esquire Magazine’s use of augmented reality is a great illustration of how print and digital can be integrated to meet strategic communication goals. The emergence of brand lifestyle magazines has also exploded the past 5 years. Many companies are now developing complete communication departments to create and distribute exclusive brand content.

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